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WRAP (Boys & Girls Club)

McKinley School is very excited about our after school program funded through the 21st Century Grant in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club.  This wonderful new program provides over 120 McKinley students with an after school tutoring and enrichment program.  Students attend for three hours every day after school.  The first hour is spent doing homework with the guidance of a college aide.  The ratio of students to adults is 15 to 1, so students get quite a bit of individual attention.  After homework time, students focus on science, physical education, technology, and teamwork, along with a snack to keep them going.  The directors of this program at McKinley communicate with classroom teachers to support what is going on in the classroom.  Teachers have the opportunity to request extra tutoring time for students in the program.  This is a win-win program for McKinley School!